Common Eye Injuries

Woman rubbing her eyesCommon Eye Injuries Treated at Positive Eye Ons Optometry in Los Angeles, CA

Few health issues can cause as much panic or discomfort as an eye injury. Some eye injuries are more serious than others but all should be taken seriously. If you find yourself suffering from a likely eye injury, you'll be happy to know that you can get the necessary diagnosis and treatment here at Positive Eye Ons Optometry. Our West Hollywood clinic can provide soothing remedies and take immediate steps to protect your eyesight.

When Trouble Strikes: Common Eye Injuries

An eye injury can catch you off guard to the point that you may not be sure exactly what happened to cause your pain and other symptoms. Some of the more common eye injuries include:

  • Subconjunctival Hemorrhages - Sometimes a blood vessel between the conjunctiva and the white of the eye can break, turning that white color bright red. In most cases, these occurrences aren't connected to a serious problem and will resolve on their own, although they look alarming.
  • Blunt Force Trauma - A blow to the eye can cause numerous forms of damage, including the well-known "black eye," swelling around the eye, and an iris inflammation called traumatic iritis. In the worst-case scenario, the retina may detach from the wall of the eye.
  • Corneal Abrasions - Foreign bodies or infections can lead to corneal abrasions, especially in people who suffer from dry eye. Damaged or incorrectly-worn contact lenses can also cause them. A deep corneal abrasion may become a scratch that scars up and affects your vision.
  • Damage from Foreign Objects or Substances - A foreign object that flies into the eye can lacerate the eye or even pierce the eyeball, becoming embedded. Corrosive chemicals that make contact with the eye can cause severe pain, damage, and scarring.

What to Do About Your Eye Injury

Your response to your eye injury should depend on the nature of the injury. If you have an irritating or penetrating foreign object in your eye, don't touch it; just come to our West Hollywood clinic immediately. If you have a chemical in your eye, rinse the eye with lukewarm water for 15 minutes, then come to us for treatment.

Avoiding Eye Injuries

You can avoid eye injuries by following some smart preventatives strategies. Contact lens wearers should change/clean their contacts as directed, making sure they have the right kind of contacts for their eyes. If you work in a hazardous environment, wear polycarbonate safety glasses or goggles.

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