Computer Vision and How Neurolenses Can Beat It

If you are having problems with your eye strain, computer vision and more, then neurolenses may be what you need to see the world clearly. Read on to learn more about these problems, their causes, and symptoms, as well as, how neurolenses can help correct the condition.

man with strained eyesWhat is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is a term often used to describe the fatigue one’s eyes go through from the rampant use of digital screens in today’s society. The blue light many of these devices have is often blamed for this condition.

Often computer vision is aggravated by a misalignment of the eyes. This misalignment causes the brain to attempt to compensate for this vision disturbance. This leads to stress being put on the nerve that is responsible for the vast majority of the sensations in the neck and head.

In turn, this causes a plethora of symptoms which are often not attributed to the vision disturbance. By correcting the misalignment, the computer vision and its symptoms can be corrected and prevented.

Computer Vision Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of Trigeminal Dysphoria include eye related issues such as eye strain, computer vision discomfort, light sensitivity, tired eyes, and symptoms of dry eye. Some of its less obvious symptoms include dizziness, shoulder pain, headaches, and neck pain.

What Neurolenses Are & How They Help

Neurolenses are the first and only prescription lenses that contain specially contoured prisms. Studies have shown that these prisms are capable of relieving the symptoms of eye misalignment, computer vision, blue light eye strain, etc.

In a study of 360 neurolens patients who suffered from symptoms of headaches, eye strain, neck/shoulder pain, dry eyes, and fatigue were treated with Neurolenses for 45 days. 93 percent of these subjects found relief from all of their symptoms by using the specially prescribed glasses.

What Our Optometrist Will Do for You

During an eye exam, the doctor can perform a measurement test for Neurolenses in less than three minutes. By measuring the degree – if any – that your eyes are misaligned both for near vision and distant. We will then be able to recommend what Neurolenses you will need to help correct the misalignment and prevent it in the future.

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