Benefits of Ortho-K

Benefits of Ortho-K

Benefits of Ortho-K

Benefits of Ortho-K

benefits of ortho k

There are a number of reasons that our patients consider getting rid of their prescription lenses every single day. Your lenses can be difficult to wear throughout the day, and many people worry about losing a lens at precisely the wrong moment. Parents can become frustrated with having to replace children’s glasses from loss or breakage.

At Positive Eye Ons, we believe in offering a complete range of options to our patients and their families. That is why we are pleased to present orthokeratology or Ortho-K lenses. These rigid contact lenses are designed only to be worn while you sleep, so that you can go throughout your day without having to worry about losing a contact lens, or how you look in eyeglasses. Instead, focus on that important meeting, lunch, or race that you have been training for. Ortho-K has benefits for almost everyone, but many people do not know just how it can affect their lives.

What is Ortho-K?

While Ortho-K is not as popular as soft contact lenses or LASIK surgeries, it has been around for decades. In fact, some of the first eye doctors that were working with rigid, gas permeable contact lenses, thought that it might be possible to reshape the eye so that you could see clearly. Shortly after this revolutionary thought, eye professionals found that this approach worked, and had several additional benefits.

Patients who get Ortho-K lenses put them in at night just before they go to bed. The specially designed contact lenses help to gently push your eye into the right shape while you sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you can remove the lenses, but your clear vision will last all day, and sometimes up to three days.

Some Benefits

Many of our patients live very active lifestyles. If you enjoy swimming, contact sports, bicycling, or several contact sports, you may worry about having a lens fall out, or that your eyeglasses are not a safe option to be used. For these patients, Ortho-K can be a great idea to keep your vision clear and your mind on the activity at hand.

If you have been considering LASIK surgery, but are not ready to commit to surgery, or just do not like the idea of having lasers reshaping your eyes, Ortho-K may be a great option. Orthokeratology is considered a safe procedure, but if you do not like your results, you can simply stop wearing the lenses. The Ortho-K approach is not permanent and does not require any surgery.

Several patients have been trying to get away from eyeglasses for years. Maybe you do not like the sightlines or the blurry peripheral vision. You may have found that eyeglasses smudge easily or cause additional glare, or maybe you just do not like your appearance with glasses. Ortho-K lenses can help eliminate all of these concerns and get you back to living your life every day without worry.

Finally, recent studies have shown that myopia in children can become progressively worse. Ortho-K can help to reduce the immediate and long-term effects of myopia and help prevent blindness as your child ages. If you think that any of these benefits might be a reason for you to make the switch, contact Positive Eye Ons today and talk to our friendly staff to see what we can do for you.


If you think that Ortho-K lenses may be the solution to helping you get the focus back into your life, call Positive Eye Ons today to schedule your appointment. Our staff has the education, training, and tools to see if Ortho-K is a good fit for you!

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