What are Prism Eyeglasses?

What are Prism Eyeglasses?

What are Prism Eyeglasses?

What are Prism Eyeglasses?

If you have double vision, you might benefit from having prism eyeglasses. The eyeglasses will do either convergence correction or positional correction. Prism lenses will help your eyes to work together better. Your eye doctor can help you decide if prism eyeglasses are a good option for you.


Helping Dizziness

Prism eyeglasses bend the light and trick your eyes into working together better. These eyeglasses can help you if you have dizziness. One study from the University of Michigan showed that both vertigo and dizziness can be managed or even potentially eliminated. The prisms in the lenses can relax and help steady your eyes. That way, the eye muscles will not be overused. This will help your eyes be more balanced. It will also help your brain have better information.


How Prism Eyeglasses Work

The lenses work together to make your brain think your eyes see only one image instead of two images. They can do this by using the prism’s properties to bend the image so your brain will be able to process it more easily. The eyeglasses correction can happen in many ways and putting a prism in your eyeglasses can be one way. At least 60 percent of people in the world require their vision to be corrected in some form.


What Is Double Vision?

Double vision is also known as diplopia. This happens when you see two images when you have both of your eyes open, instead of just one. Sometimes, if you have blurred vision, you might have diplopia. The images that you see are only separated slightly. This results in fuzziness for you. You will want to see the eye doctor right away if your double vision has been caused by eye misalignment or if it is new.


Who Is a Candidate for Prism Glasses?

If you have binocular double vision, then it usually happens when your eye muscles do not work properly. These muscles move your eyes down, left, up, and right. However, when the muscles do not work well, the eyes are not orientated on the same image. This means that people who have double vision see two images instead of one.

You should remember that there are some other causes of double vision as well. If you are experiencing this problem, then it is a good idea to see an eye doctor for an appointment. Your eye doctor will be able to give you a more accurate diagnosis for your individual condition.


How Prism Lenses Work

A prism is an optical element that is transparent. It has many flat and polished surfaces. The prism will work by refracting light. This means that the prisms can bend light from a straight path to another type of path. The prism lenses can then trick the brain into combining the two images into one image.


Other Benefits of Prism Lenses

Double vision is not the only thing that you can correct by having prism eyeglasses. You can also correct problems with the eye muscles, such as Grave’s disease, myasthenia gravis, or crossed eyes. If you have issues that are related to the brain, including strokes, head injuries, tumors, or migraines, then prism glasses might help you. Problems that are related to your nerves, such as diabetes mellitus or multiple sclerosis, can also be helped by wearing prism eyeglasses.


If you think that prism lenses may be right for you, then please make an appointment at Positive Eye Ons Optometry in Los Angeles, California, today.

Date Posted: March 23, 2020​​​​​​​
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