Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes with Our Optometrist in Los Angeles, CA

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Are you looking for contact lenses for dry eyes in West Hollywood? Positive Eye Ons Optometry offers state of the art vision care services to patients of all ages. We have a team of experienced opticians ready to help you. Call us at (323) 651-5646 or visit our facility for a consultation.

Most opticians acknowledge that many patients using contact lenses often complain about their eyes feeling dry. The dry eye condition is a common issue facing lens users and non-users alike. However, symptoms are often over-pronounced in those using them. Fortunately, effective remedies for dry eye-related challenges exist.

If you suffer from dry eye-related symptoms like red eyes, irritation, and feeling “scratchy,” changing your contact lens or eye care products can worsen the situation. Solving the problem starts with visiting your eye doctor for diagnosis and determining the most suitable way to improve your eye comfort.

Some people avoid visiting their doctor because they fear being told they can no longer use lenses. There are new modern contact lenses and eye care products today. It is very unlikely for one to be discontinued from wearing contact lenses. Here are the top contact lenses for dry eyes:

Soft Contact

Soft contact lenses are designed to cut dry eye discomfort when one wears them. They are usually made of flexible plastic to allow oxygen to pass through and get to the eye. Some of them are also made of hydrogel with water. Usually, they are disposable lenses worn for a day and discarded. Nonetheless, soft lenses can be reused for 30 days.


Scleral lenses can prevent front eye surface from drying thanks to their gas permeable lens vault. They are custom-designed to fit both regular and irregular cornea, offering a sharper vision as compared to soft contact lenses.

Sclera lenses usually measure 15 to 22 millimeters and cover the sclera part of the eye. Since they are gas permeable, they allow oxygen to pass through to the eye surface.


Ortho-k, also called Orthokeratology is contacted only worn during sleep. The lenses are specifically designed as gas permeable and prescribed for nightwear. While sleeping, orthokeratology lenses reshape your cornea and rectify nearsightedness and other refractive errors so that you can see clearly without glasses during the day. By eliminating the need to put on contact lenses during the day, orthokeratology can reduce dry eye symptoms.​​​​​​​

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Sometimes, the issue may not be your contact lenses, but the solution you use to clean them. Some solutions have preservatives that can cause eye irritation, leaving them dry. Others have materials that are incompatible with some lenses, causing reactions. To ensure the problem is diagnosed accurately, consult the experts. Contact Positive Eye Ons Optometry by calling at (323) 651-5646, filling out our contact form or visiting our West Hollywood offices.

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