Astigmatism Diagnosis and Treatment in West Hollywood

Astigmatism is one of the most common eye health conditions around, but many people aren't sure what it is or how to recognize it in themselves or their loved ones. At Positive Eye Ons Optometry, our West Hollywood optometrist staff is happy to meet you for an eye exam and help you figure out if you're dealing with this common vision-disrupting issue. 

Astigmatism Diagnosis and Treatment in West Hollywood

What Is Astigmatism? Types and Causes

Astigmatism refers to a type of irregularity within the eye that causes blurry distorted vision. The irregularity involves the cornea, the lens, or the shape of the eyeball itself. When any one of these structures is misshapen, light entering the eye may not focus properly on the retinal tissue inside, thus leading to blurry vision.

It's not always clear what causes astigmatism. It appears to be genetic in many cases, although injuries or illnesses affecting the eye may also cause astigmatism. 

Not all kinds of astigmatism require vision correction. In fact, many people have at least some mild form of astigmatism, and they may not notice anything wrong with their eyesight at all. However, once astigmatism becomes significant enough to affect vision, it's helpful to know the signs and symptoms so you or your loved one can seek proper treatment.

Astigmatism Signs and Symptoms: Are You Affected? 

Astigmatism can be mild, moderate, or severe. The most common signs and symptoms include:

  • Vision that appears blurry or distorted at any distance
  • Problems seeing at night
  • Eye strain, irritation, and fatigue
  • Headaches
  • The need to squint frequently

How a West Hollywood Optometrist Manages Astigmatism

In most cases, astigmatism can be easily managed. After receiving a diagnosis during a comprehensive eye exam with a West Hollywood optometrist, you'll be informed about your "best fit" options based on your needs, health status, and lifestyle. Popular astigmatism treatment options include:

  • Prescription eyewear, including glasses, sunglasses, and/or contact lenses
  • LASIK eye surgery, for which our team provides essential preoperative consults and post-operative care
  • Low vision strategies and other advice on ways to maximize your eye health

Is Uncorrected Astigmatism Taking the Clarity Out of Your Life?

If you live in the West Hollywood area and are looking for help with your astigmatism or other eye condition, contact Positive Eye Ons to connect with an experienced optometrist near you. When you call us at (323) 651-5646, you'll be connected with our friendly and knowledgeable team. Call today!

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