Scleral Lens Products

Scleral Lens Products

Scleral Lens Products

Scleral Lens Products

Scleral lenses are one of the best options for vision and comfort in a contact lens! They are the best lens for Keratoconus and can be used to help with Dry Eyes.

Below are links for everything that you will need to wear Scleral lenses.

Preservative Free Saline

Every time you use the lens you will fill the bowl with preservative-free saline. It is very important that you only use this preservative-free saline solution and NEVER any multipurpose solution intended for soft contact lenses. Once opened, use within 24 hours and then discard.

Sterile Saline Addipak

Refresh Celluvisc Drops
*optional: if your eyes feel dry or you experience mid-day fogging, you can add 1-3 drops of this eye drop into the bowl with the preservative-free saline to enhance lens comfort and performance

Cleaning and Conditioning

(Daily) Clear Care Cleaning Solution
*The hydrogen peroxide in the Clear Care ensures the deepest clean, but you do have to make sure they soak a minimum of 6 hours before inserting them into your eyes, otherwise you may burn yourself.

(Weekly) Boston Conditioning Solution
Once a week: After cleaning the lenses, condition the lenses with Boston Conditioning Solution. Soak the lenses in the conditioning solution for at least 15 minutes or longer (more is better). This will replenish the moist, outer layer of the lens to keep it feeling smooth.

Menicon Unique pH
Boston Simplus
*optional: sometimes we don’t have 6 hours to use clear care or we are traveling and want to use a smaller bottle. In these cases, you can use these other cleaning/disinfecting solutions

Insertion and Removal

You will be inserting the lens with the large plunger and removing it with the small plunger. Here is a link to purchase more plungers in case you ever need to replace yours.

Large Plunger, Insertion
Small Plunger, Removal
*optional: some of our patients find it easier to use a standing device that holds the lens up for you while you descend your eye towards the lens. There is also a bright green light on the plunger to help guide your eye into the right position.

See-Green System Stand & Light

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